Stat™ Flush

STAT!™ Flush

Our most popular and fastest selling product. And for good reason.


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Stat™ Detox Shampoo

STAT!™ Cleansing Shampoo Kit

Sometimes a detox regiment doesn’t mean just cleansing the blood and urine. Sometimes you need to thoroughly cleanse each part of the body, including hair.

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Stat™ Royal Flush

STAT!™ Royal Flush Liquid Detox

Our Royal Flush liquid formula  is equal in strength to our 5 capsule system and comes in two popular easy to drink flavors; Raspberry and Citrus.  Detox products never tasted this good.

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Stat™ Detox Pretox

STAT!™ Daily Pretox Capsules

Formulated for daily use, and designed for individuals who wish to maintain a cleansed state.

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Years in Business

STAT!™ Detox products have been a leader in the detox industry since 1995.



Success Rate

We create the fastest and most effective products on the market to safely remove unwanted toxins from your body.


Money Back Guarantee

All of our STAT!™ Detox products come with a full money back guarantee.

Detox Capsules



STAT!™ products are produced by Sarken Inc, an FDA cGMP compliant contract manufacturer located in Tempe, Arizona.

Only the Highest Quality ingredients that have been Thoroughly Tested are used in our specialized formulas. We develop The Best detoxification products available on the market today.

STAT!™ Flush – 5 Cap
STAT Synthetic Urine
Royal Flush Liquid Detox
STAT!™ Shampoo Kit

STAT!™ Flush – 5 Cap

STAT!™ Novelty Synthetic Urine

STAT!™ Royal Flush Liquid Detox

STAT!™ Shampoo Kit